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Kids zone

Terijoki Resort Hotel & SPA strives to provide the most comfortable environment for all our guests: both for adults and the youngest visitors. For this reason, we opened a playroom – a real paradise for kids enjoying their holiday in our hotel. Children will not be bored and you will find the time for yourself.

Kids Zone

Kids zone of about 70 square meters is perfectly prepared to host younger guests and equipped with the most necessary amenities: soft modules, toys, dry swimming pool, tables for drawing, home theater, etc. It also has a separate bathroom as well as a video camera, which provides on-line monitoring of children's leisure.

Working hours:

  • MON 14:00-20:30                 
  • SUN 10:00-20:30
  • SUT 10:00-20:30
 Break (cleaning, ventilation)
  •  13:00-14:00
  • 17:00-18:00


Playroom rules

1.Children up to three years old should be supervised by their parents.

2.The maximum time in the playroom is fthree hours. If this time is exceeded you will be asked to come and collect your children.

3. A number of places in the children's playroom are limited. Total number of children in the playroom simultaneously shall not exceed 10.

4. If your children are unwell they will not be allowed to enter the playroom.

5. Nanny has a right to refuse your children’s entry to the playroom if they are unwell.

6. During the stay in the children's playroom, kids are to use the toilet and wash their hands independently.

7.  Before visiting the playroom, parents should check if their children have any valuables items, toys, food, including candy, chewing gum, hard candy, etc. with them.  

8. Parents are required to record each visit using the Playroom Attendance Register. Please sign your child in when you drop them off, and out when you pick them up. Our Playroom Attendance Register is for safety and emergency purposes.

9. Nanny looks after the cleanliness and serviceability of equipment as well as the playroom inventory. She also ensures that premises are kept in a clean and sanitary condition.