Jaroslav Gaidaenko

«My philosophy involves creating culinary masterpieces out of the good and the right ingredients! I choose the products for my dishes by myself: they are really fresh, filled with bright flavors. All in order to bring the most unusual culinary ideas to life!»


  • Fresh oysters on ice with lemon and vine sause (1 piece)320 rub.
  • Sliced frozen meat of Muksun fish 105 g.620 rub.
  • Tartar:
    • Baltic whitefish 210 g.430 rub.
    • Salmon 110 g.590 rub.
    • Beef 100 g.460 rub.
  • Beef carpaccio with Truffle and Porcini mushrooms 120 g.570 rub.

Cold appetizers

  • Pancakes with caviar:
    • Salmon caviar 30 g.580 rub.
    • Pike caviar 30 g.490 rub.
    • Beluga caviar 29 g.2730 rub.
  • Bruschettas:
    • Chef’s speciality salted salmon with cream cheese 120 g.440 rub.
    • Tomatoes with basil and mozzarella cheese 180 g.320 rub.
    • Roasted goat cheese Chevre with fig jam 130 g.490 rub.
  • Tataki:
    • Marinated salmon 190 g.430 rub.
    • Kobe beef with Chuka salad 140 g.590 rub.
  • Lightly salted herring with roasted potatoes and croutons 270 g.410 rub.
  • Lightly salted scomber with beetroot cream and boiled potatoes 220 g.430 rub.
  • Marinated lamprey with boiled potatoes and «Mayonnaise» sause 280 g.470 rub.
  • Assorted meats (roast beef, cold baked pork, beef tongue) served with horseradish cream, locally made mustard and pickles 270 g.690 rub.
  • Appetizer of Salo and dry-cured meat 190 g.430 rub.
  • Paté of veal and chicken liver with pistachios and fig jam 150 g.320 rub.
  • Caprese with tomatoes and mozzarella cheese served with home backed warm bread and pesto sause 300 g.490 rub.
  • Squash and aubergine “Caviar” with bread crisps 180 g.340 rub.
  • Hummus with wheat tortilla 160 g.210 rub.
  • Pickles with a glass of homemade Chrenovukha drink 265 g./30 g.290 руб.
    • Pickles: cabbages, cucumbers, tomatoes, garlic and ramson
  • Pickled Porcini mushrooms with backed potatoes and Smetana 170 g.470 rub.


  • Codfish with vegetables 215 g.370 ₽
  • Hot smoked Baltic whitefish with baked potatoes and poached egg 240 g.480 rub.
  • Crab with smoked salmon and cucumber 200 g.540 rub.
  • Warm Eel fish, cream cheese and Unagi sause 180 g.640 rub.
  • Tuna, rucola and Sicilian olives 160 g.690 rub.
  • Shrimps, rucola and pepperoni pepper 160 g.670 rub.
  • Warm octopus, vegetables and potato chips 200 g.640 rub.
  • Caesar salad 230 g.:
    • With chicken470 rub.
    • With roasted tiger shrimps740 rub.
  • Olivier salad 210 g.:
    • With ham290 rub.
    • With quail420 rub.
  • With beef, baked aubergines and vegetables 240 g.540 rub.
  • Warm salad with lamb, quinoa and bryndza 220 g.340 rub.
  • With duck breast and Dorblu cheese 170 g.570 rub.
  • Fresh vegetables salad 190 g.320 руб.
    • Your choice of toppings: homemade mayonnaise, Smetana, olive oil
  • Greek salad 230 g.420 rub.


  • Oysters baked with Champagne sause and parmesan cheese (3 pieces)1400 rub.
  • Masago sause baked mussels 300 g.630 rub.
  • Julienne with chicken and wild mushrooms 150 g.390 rub.
  • Draniki with smoked salmon and Smetana 230 g.320 rub.
  • Slide burgers:
    • Meatburgers (beef, chicken, lamb) 180 g.430 rub.
    • Fishburgers (Salmon, tuna, Baltic whitefish) 180 g.690 rub.
  • Club Sandwich with chicken breast 300 g.350 rub.
  • Beef tongue stewed in cream with Porcini mushrooms 210 g.490 rub.
  • Aubergine Gratin with tomatoes and mozzarella cheese 240 g.370 rub.
  • Roasted Camembert cheese with pear and cowberry sause 160 g.490 rub.


  • Scandinavian fish soup 350 g.420 rub.
  • Tom Yum :
    • Goong (spicy soup with prawns) 350/70 g.670 rub.
    • Thale (spicy with seafood and coconut milk) 350/70 g.640 rub.
  • Borscht with garlic bun, Smetana and greens:
    • With smoked pork breast and beef tales 380/115 g.470 rub.
    • With duck 330/115 g.590 rub.
  • Thick Solyanka with meats and Smetana 350/50 g.540 rub.
  • Pickled cabbage soup with veal loin, Porcini mushrooms and soaked cowberries 360/50 g.520 rub.
  • Pho Bo 430 g.590 rub.
  • Chorba 450 g.540 rub.
  • Chicken broth with noodles 400 g.320 rub.
  • Cream soup:
    • Mushroom cream soup with strudel 250 g.420 rub.
    • Tomatoes and red beans cream soup with lamb loin 290 g.640 rub.
    • Potatoe cream soup with roasted Eel fish 300 g.520 rub.
    • Cauliflower cream soup with prawns 280 g.670 rub.
  • Miso soup 250 g.190 руб.
    • Traditional soup with tofu, seaweed and Nameko mushrooms
  • Kimchi soup 300 g.270 руб.
    • Spicy soup with chicken, egg, seaweed and Chinese cabbage


Spaghetti, tagliatelle, fusilli, penne, pappardelle of your choise

  • Carbonara with а smoked pork breast and cream 325 g.390 руб.
  • Frutti di mare with seafood and Pesto sause 350 g.640 руб.
  • Funghi with mushrooms and cream sause 340 g.420 руб.
  • Alla norma with aubergines, tomatoes and garlic 300 g.480 руб.
  • With Truffle, Kenyan beans and poached egg 250 g.580 руб.
  • With chrimps, rucola and Ricotta cheese 320 g.760 руб.
  • With smoked trout fish and Mascarpone sause 270 g.590 руб.


  • Classic pelmeni with meat 250/50 g.520 rub.
  • Pierogi with potatoe and Porcini mushrooms 280/50 g.370 rub.
  • Pierogi with berries and cottage cheese 230/50 g.420 rub.


  • Pike cutlets with Caviar sause and baked vegetables 330 g.590 rub.
  • Sicilian recipe cod with boiled potatoes and tomato sause 360 g.640 rub.
  • Roasted fillets of a zander fish with a green peas puree 280 g.580 rub.
  • Roasted Baltic white fish with baked tomatoes and potatoes 360 g.940 rub.
  • Halibut fish with broccoli and black potatoes Parmentier 210 g.970 rub.
  • Baked trout served with spinach and mussel sause 360 g.1150 rub.
  • Dorado fish fillet with creamy kinoa and сucumber Tartar 270 g.1100 rub.
  • Baked dorado served with a Provence sause 330 g.1230 rub.